Frequently asked questions

  • What is mimojo?

    Launched in 2023, mimojo is a lifestyle savings app that is effortless to use.

  • How can I contact the mimojo support team?

    Go to Get Support within the app from within the Help & Support section of My Account. You can reach us in a few different ways and we’ll try to resolve all your issues as quickly and efficiently as we can.

  • How does mimojo work?

    It’s so simple! You just register your credit & debit cards within the mimojo app and when you pay using any of these cards at any of our merchant partners, they reward you with savings in the form of cashback. We collect this on your behalf, accumulate it and disburse the total cashback to you once per month. We call this mimojo payday! The cashback will appear as a credit on your subscription card.

  • How do I become a mimojo member?

    Just sign up within the mimojo app and then subscribe.

  • How much does Mimojo cost and how does the free trial work?

    mimojo costs AED 10 per month but the first 2 months are free! Your first monthly payment is collected in the third month after you’ve subscribed for the first time.

  • When will I start earning cashback?

    Immediately if you pay using your phone (ApplePay, Samsung Pay, etc.)! But if you pay using your physical card then it can take up to 24 hours for you to start earning cashback once you’ve subscribed or enrolled an additional card. We recommend you always pay using your phone!

  • How do I change my subscription card?

    Simply enroll your new card and then choose this card to be used for your subscription. You can do all this within the My Account section of the app.

  • Can I pause my membership anytime? 

    Sure, you can easily pause your subscription within the app My Account section. Remember, you won’t earn any cashback while your account is paused.

  • How do I cancel my membership? 

    Go to My Account and then Help & Support to delete your account.

  • How do I know when the next mimojo payday is?

    You can see this within the app – at the top of the home screen and the savings screen.

  • How do I know how much I will receive in the next mimojo payday?

    Check the top of the home screen and the Savings screen within the app.

  • Why should I upload my itemized bill and payment receipt?

      It assures our merchant partners that multiple discounts have not been applied to a single transaction.
      It helps avoid confusion if you split the bill, and it simplifies the accurate calculation and distribution of your cashback.
      It provides evidence of your purchase, so we can confirm your eligibility for cashback and swiftly address any disputes.
  • Which payment cards are currently supported by the app?

    mimojo currently supports Visa debit and credit cards only. We’ll be supporting MasterCard debit and credit cards soon though.

  • How do I earn savings?

    You simply live your life and use your registered cards at any of our merchant partners.

  • Why didn’t I receive a notification after my transaction?

    The most likely reason is that you don’t have notifications enabled for the mimojo app – please make sure transaction notifications are enabled (in Notifications & Permissions within My Account) because we really need to notify you about important things such as our payday payments to you! If you’re not using your phone to pay (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay etc.) then there’s a chance you may not get timely notifications. It all depends on the card you’re using, and the bank associated with the outlet. But we’ll still be able to alert you once your cashback is approved.

  • Why isn’t cashback from my recent transactions in my payday?

    We’re required to have a buffer of 14 days from the transaction date before we disburse your cashback to you. Don’t worry, you’ll never miss out on any cashback owed to you because it’ll roll over to the next payday.

  • Why isn’t my cashback showing on my card statement yet?

    Once we’ve paid your cashback to your subscription card, it can take up to 5 working days for it to reflect on your card statement and your bank may not notify you. This varies depending on which bank is the issuer of your subscription card. If you can’t see the cashback credited to your card after 5 days then please contact mimojo customer services: wecare@mimojo.io.

  • Will I receive cashback if I pay through a QR code payment service?

    No, you have to make a card payment directly with our merchant partner to earn cashback. If you pay via a QR code payment service then you’re not actually paying our merchant partner, you’re paying the QR code payment company who settle with the merchant partner later.

  • What does “pending” status mean for a transaction?

    Pending status indicates that the transaction is currently being processed or awaiting approval; this will take no more than 14 days. We’ll send you a push notification when the transaction status changes, and you can always see the status in the app savings screen. Pending transactions are not included in the payday. But don’t worry, they’ll be included in the next payday once they’re approved.

  • What does “declined” status mean for a transaction & what’s the reason?

    Declined status indicates that the cashback has been declined by our merchant partner, most likely because they’ve already funded an offer in this transaction. We’ll send you a push notification when a transaction is declined, and you can see the status of your transactions in the savings screen within the app. If you believe the transaction shouldn’t have been declined, then you can appeal by swiping left on the declined transaction. Please be sure to attach your itemized bill to the appeal. Our customer service team will then thoroughly investigate the matter for you.

  • How safe is my data with mimojo?

    Super safe! We take data protection and privacy very seriously so we comply with all relevant regulations, including GDPR and the new federal laws across the middle east. All stored data is encrypted, and we don’t store or even see your card details – we leave that to our PCI-compliant partners.